Our global identity is centred on our local identity.
Our home and our country are a piece of a terrestrial globe hologram.
We are immersed in a set design managed and manipulated by obscure power interests that very often destroy the harmony of our world.
We have to rethink our local/global identity and to transform it into an ethical space of existence.

Balance your soul into harmony with the Great Essence. May your conscience be ONE with the Great Light. The balance of all things lies within the heart of the Earth, because your being is one with Earth.  As all above, so all below.
Everyone’s uniqueness exists and will always exist when everything is over. Each conscience, within its own lifecycle, follows its own way to the supreme purpose; knowledge can only be acquired through practice, whereas wisdom comes from knowledge. Lifecycles only differ in time and space.
Nothing matters except the evolution that we owe to our soul. Bear in mind that you are the Great Light, perfect within your own sphere, where you are free. Time is the secret that can set you free from this space. There is no substance, but only forces, a movement, a vortex, a VIBRATION. Create the high vibration that will make you ONE with the WHOLE.
Never allow your body to be a prison. Substance is fluid and flows like a river. Within the space you live in, there are other spaces, as mighty as yours, laced through the centre of your substance, though separated by their own spaces.   The key to your inner self is only within you. Discover the END OF YOUR PURPOSE within the SOURCE. Because man is the gate to the mysteries and the key is ONE with the OTHER.
It’s all alike within the Circle.